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Unlocking Success for Over 30 years

Meet Phil Wilton, a seasoned professional with over three decades of unparalleled experience, dedicated to helping startups and companies achieve their business goals.

As a renowned executive coach and strategist, Phil excels in taking success to the next level.

How does Executive Outcomes improve the value of your products and/or services for your clients and/or customers?

Executives Outcomes mission is to deliver tailored business strategies that are practical, impactful and relevant to your market. We can assess and enhance your products and/or services, and we can review individuals, departments, or even your entire organizations. Executives Outcomes is dedicated to driving positive changes and nurturing success at all levels. 

Executives Outcomes will add value to your business, by Exploring, Planning and Implementing your unique Business Strategies.

Let’s Talk – Engage with Executives Outcomes in a complimentary discussion. Explore how our expertise can contribute to the growth of your business, and you can discover how simple strategic planning will drive your business through our partnership.

Groundbreaking Insights in "Simple Strategic Planning"

Phil’s expertise is distilled in his groundbreaking book, “Simple Strategic Planning: Five Moves to A Competitive Advantage.” In this work, he shares invaluable insights on thinking differently and simplifying your approach to business strategy. Phil firmly believes that success is rooted in a well-understood and defined strategy. He meticulously analyzes and assesses every aspect of a client’s business that comes his way, crafting simple yet comprehensive strategies tailored to each clients’ unique needs, ensuring maximum overall business improvement and growth.

A Journey with Industry Giants

Phil’s professional journey includes pivotal roles with National and Multinational organizations such as Thorn EMI, Alcatel, General Electric, Plessy Telecommunications, Applied Materials, and Tegal. He has held Executive and General Manager positions, guiding these companies through various strategic changes and improvements. Phil’s vast cultural experience spans from the UK to GM of East and West Europe as well as various senior executive positions in the USA, and across the Asia Pacific region, including multiple sojourns over a year in China and Taiwan.

Operational Skills and Global Experience

During his ventures, Phil honed his operational skills in business strategy. Holding an MBA from the University of Liverpool, he completed his dissertation on international business strategies. Phil further enriched his operational strategic skill set with certifications from Cornell and Harvard in strategic studies. He also brings National Science Foundation experience, serving as a trained mentor for I-Corps and SBIR programs for startup companies.

Your Path to Success with Phil

When you choose to work with Phil, you gain access to a wealth of experience, insightful guidance, and unwavering dedication to your success. Whether you’re looking for complete organizational strategy or looking to enhance a team’s or departments performance, or there is a need to reassess your products and or services, Phil’s strategic approach empowers you to achieve remarkable results.

Unlock Your True Potential

Take the first step towards unlocking your true potential with Phil as your trusted partner and mentor. Together, we will pave the way for your business and products success.

Get in touch with Phil now either through the contact box below, or directly by phone, or email for a short complimentary discussion, and embark on your transformative journey.

Phil in Saratoga Springs, NY discussing GlobalFounderies' supply chain with a panel of professionals.