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Wishing you all a season filled with gratitude and reflection.

As we approach the season of thanksgiving, I find myself reflecting on the journey that has led me to where I am today. This week’s newsletter is dedicated to expressing my sincere gratitude to the remarkable individuals who have played pivotal roles in shaping my career and life.

Tom Crane – Thorn EMI-UK

In the early days, Tom Crane of Thorn EMI-UK gave me the opportunity to step into my first management position in a UK Electronics retail giant. He not only taught me the intricacies of managing people but also supported me through challenges, standing by me even when I stumbled. His mentorship led me to successfully turn around the largest service department in the country.

Clive West – General Electric -UK

Clive West at General Electric-UK saw potential in me from a single interview and entrusted me with a regional manager’s role. Working in telecommunications and services products was a shift from my previous experience, but Clive’s support, encouragement, and motivation were instrumental in adapting to new challenges, including navigating mergers, acquisitions, and strategic planning.

Manfred Kerschbaum and Yorrine Wunneberg – Applied Materials

Transitioning into the semiconductor industry at Applied Materials-Europe under the guidance of Manfred Kerschbaum and Yorrine Wunneberg marked a significant chapter in my career. Managing Northern Europe and Israel exposed me to diverse cultures, ethics, and international strategies, providing invaluable insights into the “Rules of the Game.”

Robert Wolf – Tegal Europe

Robert Wolf, an ex-AMAT colleague, offered me a role without an interview, leading me to Munich, Germany, as the European Service Exec. Living and working in Germany broadened my cultural horizons, and strategizing across Europe became one of my career highlights.

Mike Parodi – Tegal USA

Moving to California with Mike Parodi at Tegal-USA opened up new lessons in sales strategy, marketing, and global operations. Navigating through different cultures, especially during a major company reorganization, taught me the nuances of international business and the importance of understanding diverse norms and ethics.

Genevieve – My Constant Support

Last but certainly not least, I express deep gratitude to my wife, Genevieve. Her unwavering support guided me out of corporate life, leading to pursuits such as earning an MBA in international business and strategic learning qualifications from both Cornell and Harvard.

A Journey beyond: Startups, Mentorship, and New Ventures.

The journey continued with two startups and involvement with the National Science Foundation (NSF). Becoming an NSF mentor allowed me to contribute to others’ growth and success, emphasizing the significance of the business model canvas in startup strategy.

Today, I find myself at Executives Outcomes, engaged in helping companies refine and implement successful strategies. The joy and fulfillment come from witnessing clients express satisfaction with the directions I guide their organizations.

In Closing: Thank You to all.

In closing, I extend my sincere thanks to all who have been a part of my journey—those who took a chance on me, witnessed my ups and downs, and contributed to my successes. Your belief in me has been the cornerstone of my achievements.